In English please

Do you also have complaints for which the cause can't be found? The doctor or hospital can't find when your problems started and how to get rid of them? Have they told you you have to "learn to live with it" and you can't accept that? Then you've come to the right place.

In an accessible and down-to-earth way, as an energetic NEI therapist I work with you in a pleasant, friendly way to investigate where your complaints originated and together we will release the emotions that go with them.

When can a NEI session help?

In case of:
- stress-related complaints
- hormonal system or cycle problems
- allergies (hay fever, food, animals...)
- sleeping problems (bad dreams, insomnia)
- fears
- fatigue
- mood swings
- unexplained pain
- unprocessed trauma
- pregnancy (wish / trauma / ailments / contact with unborn child)
- lost twin trauma
- learning problems, such as ADD, ADHD, TOS, dyslexia and dyscalculia


As a former English teacher I can do a NEI consultation in English and online.

You can book your (online) appointment here or call / email / app me if you like.